Wellness Programs for Corporate & Small Businesses

This service can really be adapted to the needs of any organization. I have done a combination of group fitness training and nutrition education, as well as just one aspect or the other.

Wellness programs can be adapted to the needs of your organization, whether you’re looking for a targeted fitness program or nutrition or both.  

For example, I did a 3 month weight loss challenge at Pelican Products in South Deerfield, MA. There were about 30 staff members total, but they were broken into groups of 10 depending on their work shift. This program consisted of weekly weigh-in’s, information on one or two pertinent nutrition topics per week, question and answer time, recipe sharing, and some group personal training. This group had more of a focus on nutrition and lifestyle changes, and ended up losing a total of #300 over the 3 month period! The best part is, many of those participants took what they learned and continued to apply it even after the challenge was over.

I also recently completed a 4 week fitness program with the staff at Conway Elementary School. That program was mostly fitness focused, with a small amount of nutrition information provided. Participants of all abilities met right after school for an hour. We focused on really basic cardio and strength movements that everyone was able to do.  Modifications of exercises are always given, so participants could work at their own level. Repetition and simplicity of exercises was really key for this diverse group.

I have really enjoyed doing group challenges and activities because it’s a built in support system. The comradery and slight competitive factor help launch change into action and results are seen more quickly and easier. With those changes being met, internal motivation builds and sustains, even after the challenge or program is over.

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