March 11, 2016

Dynamic Balance Exercise Video

One of the top priorities of many of my personal training clients has been to improve balance. This may be as simple as practicing standing on one leg, or it may be more dynamic in nature which means that you are moving your body while learning to maintain balance. This type of balance and stability is more useful in the everyday world, because as you can imagine, we don’t often have to stand still on one foot. Instead, we find ourselves stepping up onto, or over obstacles. Our bodies require a certain level of core and joint stability to support us when we are doing multiple actions at once (think of stepping up to put some flour in the cabinet overhead). Dynamic balance exercises can be really beneficial for building strength, improving coordination and balance, and preventing injury (particularly falling injuries). 

I put together this short video to give you an idea of how you can start incorporating these beneficial exercises into your daily routine. There are modifications to make them easier or harder, depending on your level. 

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