In Home Kitchen Clean- Out

This service is for someone who really wants to jump in and get their feet wet. There is no stalling option, because I’m coming over! I have found this technique to be the fastest way to make changes happen. It also leaves much less time to get anxious or stressed about the unknown and new territory. It’s like ripping off a bandaid to get the healing process going.

Me: You really don’t need me to come and cook this with you, it’s super easy and only has a few ingredients!

Client: I do need you too, not because I CAN’T do it but because I WONT do it. It’s the extra little effort and confusion that comes with doing anything new, that’s enough to keep me from taking action.

Let me take you through the unknown and show you it’s not scary!

I usually do an initial nutrition consult before coming into a clients home, because my recommendations for what to fill your cabinets and fridge with will vary based on your current health status. The next step would be to find a time for me to come into your home and teach you about products and kitchen essentials you should keep and ones you should replace. This is much like a private instruction class, where you are able to have full attention and ask any questions that pop up along the way (likely there will be many!).

Grocery Shopping Tours

After you understand why we are ditching or replacing certain things, the next step is to find healthy alternatives to replace with. This can be done verbally, on paper, or by going to your local grocery store and physically picking things out. I will show you what I look for on product packages (if it comes with a package), and how to best navigate the grocery store while making these changes. Clients find the grocery store tour very educational because it’s hands-on. They tend to lose the “fear factor” of finding and buying that new ingredient. Another benefit gained is efficiency in future grocery shopping trips , because you know where things are.

Private Cooking ClassesIMG_2307

I really like to follow up the grocery shopping tour with an in-home cooking class, whereby we plan out a meal or two ahead of time, and shop for it during the tour. I want you to be blown away by how tasty and easy it is to cook real unprocessed food. One of the most important factors for taste bud enjoyment, is to consider what we will cook together. I will be able to get a feel for foods you and your family like and will send some meal suggestions to choose from ahead of time. For families or very busy clients, I like to plan on cooking one “fast” meal (30 mins or less) and prepping one “longer” meal (crock pot or longer cooking time meals) that you can feast on throughout the week for lunches or dinner the following night.

You will be left with lots of nourishing tasty food, the knowledge of how to shop, prepare and cook that food, and the recipe for later use.