August 15, 2019

Kite Hill Non-Dairy Greek Yogurt

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put this yogurt into my “favorite products” section! I have been eating it for years and absolutely love the taste. I have tried all the non-dairy yogurt options out there and was pretty disappointed by the taste and texture, until I found Kite Hill. Kite Hill products are all non-dairy and almond milk based. The ingredients for the yogurt are minimal and clean. One ingredient I look out for in non-dairy milk products, is carrageenan. This is a good one to avoid, as it may be carcinogenic and irritating to the digestive tract. Basically, it’s unknown how chronic exposure to carrageenan will affect our health. You can read more HERE on carrageenan.

Why I like it:

  • Taste. Hands down, the best taste and texture in the dairy-free world.
  • It comes in plain (slightly sweet with 5g of sugar) and unsweetened plain. It also comes in fruity flavors, but they are higher in sugar.
  • It comes in both regular and Greek style.
  • The Greek style unsweetened plain, has 11 grams of protein.kite hill greek yogurt
  • All the same benefits of live, active probiotics, in  non-dairy form
  • Portable and convenient. I can make a quick meal out of it.

How I use it:

  • Put it in a smoothie with almond or coconut milk, berries, banana, vanilla extract and hemp seeds.
  • Have it for breakfast or lunch (when I have nothing else) with berries, hemp seeds and coconut flakes.
  • If you need it slightly sweet, try adding some vanilla extract and/or maple syrup, reduced sugar fruit preserves (not artificially sweetened) or honey.

Where you can buy it:

  • Many stores carry the brand, but I can’t be sure they all have the unsweetened variety.
  • I purchase from Whole Foods, but it’s also stocked at Big Y, Stop and Shop, and Target.
  • You might be able to ask if they could stock a specific product if you request it. Worth a try!

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