November 5, 2015

Physioball Training for All Levels

Check out my demo video below!

Here are my top reasons for loving physioball exercises:

  • They are cheap
  • They are accessible. You can buy one online or at Target or Walmart
  • You can do hundreds of exercises that range in difficulty
  • You can use it to sit on, when you’re not using it to exercise
  • Most exercises with the ball, force you to engage your core and other smaller muscles more than without the ball. It forces your body to stabilize on an unstable surface
  • You can do the exercises with minimal space

SO, check out my video below¬†for some beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that you can start incorporating into your exercise plans! Work on these each week and watch your improvement. If you’re a beginner, shoot to get to the intermediate level within a few weeks.

Here is a list of the exercises that are in the video:

  1. Front squat- beginner
  2. Overhead squat- intermediate
  3. Crunches- beginner
  4. Crunches slowly with a pause at the top- intermediate
  5. Plank with ball against wall- beginner
  6. Plank- intermediate
  7. Plank with knee in’s- advanced
  8. Reverse bridge- beginner
  9. Reverse bridge with taps- beginner/ intermediate
  10. Hamstring curl- intermediate
  11. Front stationary lunge- beginner
  12. Front stationary lunge with a torso twist- intermediate
  13. Reverse lunge with twist and balance at the top- advanced

Some ideas for how you can put together a routine include:

  • Time each exercise for 30-60 seconds (I recommend the free Gym Boss app for timing)
  • Pick one exercise above, and follow it up with a cardio movement for 1 min
  • Do each exercise for 10-20 reps and repeat for 2-5 sets
  • Short on time? Pick 3 exercises and do as many reps and sets as you can fit in!

Have Fun!

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