“I have known Marit Harney for approximately 15 months. Both as a nutritional guide (dietitian) and for about a year as a personal trainer. Prior to seeing Marit I was taking lots of pills (for sleep, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.) and my wife wanted me to try dietary changes. I wasn’t interested because I hate the idea of counting calories and feeling hungry all the time just to loose a few pounds that will come right back as soon as I start eating normal again. And I am not a person who has ever liked going to the doctor or the gym, although I regularly hike and am very active working around the house. Right from the start Marit dispelled all my preconceived ideas about diet, weight loss and health. She has guided me in a personalized health and nutritional plan that is working for me. Exercise has been a part of that plan, but primarily for upping my metabolism, not for fat burning. Weight loss and better health has come though eating the right foods (and eliminating the not-so-good foods) in conjunction with a higher metabolism through reasonable exercise. As a result, everyone who has known me over the past few years is surprised by my healthy transformation (including my primary care doctor). My doctor has either eliminated or reduced every medicine I was on! Marit is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. She really knows and understands how food and exercise work together to transform a person’s health.”