Testimonials for Marit Harney

“I have known and trained with Marit Harney for the past four years. In that time the training regimen that Marit created for me produced some amazing results. However, these results were not met until I applied the nutrition advice she gave, in combination with the training. I was resistant to the nutrition changes for quite a few years, but it became obvious how imperative it was, to make the changes I was looking for. My goals were simply not met, through exercise alone. Marit has a practical approach to food. She understands the busy lives we lead and the challenges they can bring to eating healthy. Marit has taken me to the grocery store, provided me with meal ideas, recipes, and cooking advise. I am 46 years old and I look the best I have since high school thanks to Marit’s nutritional wisdom and constantly challenging training regimen.”


“I have known Marit Harney for approximately 15 months. Both as a nutritional guide (dietitian) and for about a year as a personal trainer. Prior to seeing Marit I was taking lots of pills (for sleep, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.) and my wife wanted me to try dietary changes. I wasn’t interested because I hate the idea of counting calories and feeling hungry all the time just to loose a few pounds that will come right back as soon as I start eating normal again. And I am not a person who has ever liked going to the doctor or the gym, although I regularly hike and am very active working around the house. Right from the start Marit dispelled all my preconceived ideas about diet, weight loss and health. She has guided me in a personalized health and nutritional plan that is working for me. Exercise has been a part of that plan, but primarily for upping my metabolism, not for fat burning. Weight loss and better health has come though eating the right foods (and eliminating the not-so-good foods) in conjunction with a higher metabolism through reasonable exercise. As a result, everyone who has known me over the past few years is surprised by my healthy transformation (including my primary care doctor). My doctor has either eliminated or reduced every medicine I was on! Marit is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. She really knows and understands how food and exercise work together to transform a person’s health.”


“An 82 yr old woman with many sedentary interests, I was overweight, out of shape, low in energy and slightly depressed. When I heard of Marit, I asked her to be my personal trainer and dietitian. My goal was to lose twenty pounds and to become stronger. After explaining her training and nutrition plan, Marit told me that if I followed it, i would lose weight and be healthier. Although I didn’t know if her plan would work, I decided to try it. Slowly I began to lose weight and regain my energy. because I could see small daily results, I became confident in her program, stuck to it, and eventually lost eighteen pounds. Now I feel younger, stronger, and healthier. I am convinced that her nutrition plan really works!”


“As I approach the end of my second month working with Marit, I couldn’t be happier. She has helped me change my eating habits to include more protein, fish, fruits and vegetables. I’ve tried very hard to eliminate processed foods from my diet as well. Simple changes like avoiding grain products, adding nuts to salads, cooking with olive oil and eating avocados and eggs have made all the difference. My recent  lab results were excellent: Total  Cholesterol 174, LDL 97, HDL 65 and  Triglycerides 60. These numbers are significantly better than in recent years –at 50 I feel great!”


“I made an appointment with Marit because last year I had a bout of collagenous colitis and my digestive system had never gone back to normal after that. I had gas, cramping and diarrhea off and on daily. Marit recommended a  gluten-free and dairy-free diet, because she  told me that these types of foods are hardest to digest and lead to inflammation, which cause problems like the ones I was having. Privately I thought, “How can I give up bread and butter, cereal and milk, ice cream and cones? I love dairy and wheat !”  But Marit suggested that I just try it for a month to see if it made a difference. I decided I could do it, short term. Fortunately, Marit provided me with some meal ideas and a few recipes. After 4 weeks my digestive system was improved. I had never been really “sick” before, but I had had gas, cramps and loose stool. All these symptoms are gone. I also dropped 10 pounds in the first 6 weeks of going dairy- and gluten -free, Last week while on vacation I tried eating dairy and gluten again, and sure enough the symptoms returned – gas and loose stool. So I will be staying with the diet Marit recommended!”


“I have always struggled with my weight.  Up until a year ago, I thought it only possible for me to gain weight. I finally had the willpower and strength to do something about it. I worked out every day for 6 months, ate “healthier” and was able to lose 50 pounds.  Then I hit a wall like you wouldn’t believe.  I gained and lost the same 5 pounds for 4 months. I tried everything I could think of. Pills. Crazy diets. Nothing worked. I started seeing Marit, thinking only about the personal trainer side. That aspect of it was great, but the nutrition aspect is what has really changed my life. At the time, I was consuming between 1200 and 1500 calories of low fat foods and lots of fruit. Marit told me I wasn’t eating enough. She wanted me at 1800 (she said 2000 but saw the look on my face and brought it down to 1800) calories a day and to not exercise every day anymore: take 2 days off a week. She scared me. Not only was I to eat more, but also exercise less!?!?  I did what she said and I lost 4 pounds that week. I have found that food has been THE hardest part of this journey. One thing Marit has instilled in me is that weight loss is 80% food, and 20% exercise and she is on point. In the past 3.5 months, I have lost 20 pounds, exercising far less than before. I am less tired and sleep better. I can tell throughout the day how my body is doing based on what I put in my mouth.  There are no surprises when I weigh myself at the end of the week. I wish I had started seeing Marit when I first made the decision to change my life.”


“I can’t remember the last time I felt this good!  Marit knows the real truth about what to eat for good health.  By following Marit’s advice, I have experienced the brain fog lift, increased energy, a decrease in joint pain/stiffness, lower blood pressure readings, and a 10 pound weight loss.  This was all achieved within 5 weeks, amazing!  Marit, your can-do attitude is contagious!.”


“I am gaining power + strength  faster  just eating right  than I ever did taking $60 worth of products  each month  over the past few years.  I went to see Marit to improve my performance, but the best part is I feel all better all around! I have more energy, I’m more alert when I wake up and not sluggish anymore. Between seeing Marit and going to Physical therapy with Joel, I am riding better than ever before, even in my younger days!”