January 3, 2020

Best Ever Coconut Flour Banana Bread

This recipe has been such a staple in our house, lately. This Best Ever Coconut Flour Banana Bread, has replaced the Apple Cinnamon Muffins lately, because it’s even faster and easier (hard to imagine)! I love that there are minimal ingredients in this bread, that I always have on hand. It takes one bowl and you don’t have to scrub any muffin tins (I usually use liners). This bread has no added refined carbohydrates, gluten, sugars or oils, is a great texture and is nutrient and protein dense. In case you’re wondering, it does not taste like coconut. This bread is also a great way to get in some eggs, if you’re either not into the taste of eggs, or just need a change.

I bet this bread would freeze well. If you want to make a do- ahead breakfast or snack, you could freeze individual slices. It also keeps for many days in the fridge, in a sealed container. You could pair this bread with some nut butter, regular butter, nuts, eggs, yogurt or breakfast sausage, to really make it a meal. I’ve also grilled it with butter, on the stovetop. My preference is to add walnuts on the top and lightly mix them into the batter with my finger. I never use the optional sugar and it tastes plenty sweet for a morning bread or snack. I use a potato mashing tool (a fork is fine but the tool is faster) to mash the bananas first, then I mix the eggs in. This way, you can more fully incorporate everything without as many lumps.

I hope you enjoy this Best Ever Coconut Flour Banana Bread Recipe as much as we do!

Detoxinista.com has some other wonderful looking recipes that I can’t wait to try! This site could be really helpful for those that don’t tolerate eggs, as many of her recipes are vegan. All recipes are also gluten free.

banana bread

Photo credit: Detoxinista.com

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