September 26, 2014

Coffee and Cocoa Beef Brisket

This Coffee and Cocoa Beef Brisket is hands down, one of the tastiest ways to cook beef (and I’m not a huge beef fan). This recipe was a game changer for me. I never want to make any other brisket recipes again…ever. It would be a waste. Anyway, I love giving this recipe out, but it takes a ton of convincing for people to actually try it, seeing as it includes coffee grounds, coconut milk, and cocoa powder in the ingredients!

I kid you not, it tastes nothing like any of these ingredients… don’t ask me how. It’s just full of deliciousness! I have made this for two family occasions and everyone raved about it! It really couldn’t be more simple to make either…just sayin’

If you can’t find brisket, you can look for chuck or short ribs. Also, you can ask the butcher what he/she recommends in place of brisket. They may have other options. We love serving this with roasted white or sweet potato wedges and a sautéed leafy green veggie. The juicy sauce is excellent for pouring over everything, though you may want to strain it to avoid the coffee grounds.

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