March 1, 2022

My Favorite Exercise Program!

This post is long overdue and I’ve finally gotten the perfect opportunity to get it written. My favorite exercise program that I’ve done consistently for 2 years, has a new 30 minute version! If you’d like to check out Ashley at Get Mom Strong, I highly suggest you find her on instagram (#getmomstrong). You can get a really good idea of what her style is like, who she is and what she stands for. You can browse tons of great mini workouts and content that she shares for free! She’s a mom of three boys and my best resource for moms of all ages! Let me count the ways that these programs (SLAM and SLAM advanced) have rocked my world:

  1. It’s challenging but completely scaleable. You can adjust your speed, weights and modify the movements (she tells you how)
  2. Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable about the physiology of a prenatal and postpartum body. No matter what your age, it all still applies. Once postpartum, always postpartum. By the way, this program is geared for moms, but would be a fantastic workout program for anyone, even men!
  3. The videos and cueing are really fantastic. It ensures you do the movement properly and feel it where you should! I was a personal trainer for 8 years and still listened to all her cues at least once.
  4. The workouts are really well rounded, meaning they include strength, cardio, varying degrees of intensity, and deep core work
  5. I really needed to be instructed on the deep core work, as it was something I didn’t quite know how to do well and would certainly skip doing it, because it was “boring.” It’s built into this program!
  6. I did all of these workouts from home, with minimal equipment. I used bands, a physioball, dumbells, a bench or chair, and (optional) kettlebell. There is an equipment list that goes with each program
  7. Since this is a DIY program, I took rest days when I wanted and when they were convenient for me
  8. The cost is $55 a quarter and you have access to all her programs. The fact that I have to pay for something is a motivating factor for me to actually do it!
  9. The movements aren’t complicated. It’s a learning process because everything is new at first, but once you’ve done the movement, it will likely be used again and again, throughout the program. You become more confident and don’t need to watch the instructional videos as time goes on

I just can’t say enough about Ashley and her programs. I have never felt so strong and confident in my body, even before having two babies!

If you’re looking for something new to try for exercise, give her a look on instagram and at

If you’re looking for more info on exercise, you can also check out my resources HERE.

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