December 9, 2014

Quick and Easy Salmon Curry

I totally love curry, but I understand if you don’t 🙂 It’s really a love it or hate it kinda thing, I think. It was a staple in our house for quite awhile, because you can use any meat on hand, and any combination of veggies, and quickly make it into a stew like curry. Times have changed however, since Joe’s recent trip to India. He left a curry lover, but returned a curry hater (or I should say, his body is a curry hater). Well, more curry for me I guess!

I love this recipe, because I always have these ingredients on hand, and it only takes one pan to cook everything. Less dishes = more time to relax after dinner 🙂

I do this recipe with frozen wild salmon from Trader Joe’s (great prices! I load up the freezer with this stuff!), but you could certainly do it with fresh. I don’t even thaw my fish before hand. If you do use fresh, you might consider letting the sauce thicken and bit, after the fish is cooked. You will want to take the fish out and just leave the sauce until it reaches desired consistency.  Just keep in mind, these cooking times are for frozen fish and frozen greens.


photo 3 (2)Ingredients:

  • Frozen salmon or salmon like fish- 1-2#
  • Coconut milk- 1 can full fat
  • Greens, either frozen chopped spinach, or any other hearty green will work- alot (2-4 cups chopped)
  • Coconut aminos (sold in Whole Foods or the Co-op next to soy sauce)  or soy sauce- 1-2 Tbs
  • Stone ground mustard- 1 Tbs
  • Curry powder- 2-3 tsp
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Simmer all ingredients except fish and greens.
  2. Add fish and cook about 8 mins. Keep spooning the mixture on fish as it cooks. Add the greens after the first side is cooked through. If you find it is taking too long to cook and the sauce is disappearing, you can cover it.
  3. Flip the fish and continue simmering until cooked through. Careful to keep checking, so you don’t overcook!


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