February 15, 2015

My Go-to Healthy Meals and Snacks

Patients often ask what my go-to meals are and how I keep my family nourished, while having a busy schedule (doesn’t everyone!?). I am more than happy to share because these types of food ideas are really what get us through the tough time crunches and when we aren’t fully prepared.

I know full well, if it’s not convenient to buy, find, or eat, it’s not going to be a lasting option. Been there, done that. These choices need to be as straight forward as possible. I’m not even going to give you all my ideas, because I find the less options the better. The decision overwhelm is real! Choose 2 or 3 from the list, put the ingredients on your shopping list, and just have those things for the next week or two. It IS important to change up what you eat, but consistency and predictability go a long way when making lasting changes. Just rotate your choices every week or two. Your grocery shopping will be much easier and you’ll get into the habit of always picking the same things for awhile (mentally so much easier).


  1. Taco salad
    • ground meat with taco seasoning on top of a salad, with salsa, cheese and guacamole. Black beans optional.
  2. Chili with frozen chopped spinach and corn added
  3. Spicy Honey-Brushed Chicken Thighs  (I make a big batch of this rub, so I don’t have to make it every time. Use 3 Tbs honey)
    • with sweet potato and broccoli- Use large sheet pan and cut up the sweet potato into large bite sized pieces. Cover sheet pan with parchment paper for easy cleanup and a crispier outside. Put potato pieces on sheet tray, spray with olive or coconut oil, and add salt and pepper. Do the same with the broccoli, or steam it, or microwave some frozen stuff. Potato will go in first at 425 for about 30 mins.
  4. Curry Salmon or Chicken (one pot meal)
  5. Crock Pot Pulled Chicken
    • With salad or just spinach underneath it. Can also serve with regular rice or cauliflower rice (or mix the two!).
  6. Burgers cooked in the oven or on the grill
    • If gluten-free or reducing carbohydrates, skip the bun or use something like these. Serve with with roasted cauliflower or broccoli, grilled veggies or stir fry veggies. Add sweet potatoes if you’re looking for a complex, nutrient dense, carbohydrate source. Sprouted bread could be a good option as well.


* Asses if a snack is needed  If you find that you are consistently hungry only a couple hours after your satiating meal, consider the following:

  • Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration can make you feel hungry. It’s really just a signal confusion (craving water, not food)
  • Are you eating enough at your meals?  It may be worth playing around with your meal sizes, even if you do feel a little more full than usual. Obviously don’t eat to the point of discomfort.
  • Are you eating enough protein and healthy fats with your meals? Read more here on why healthy fats are essential.
  1. Carrots and one or two individual guacamole or hummus cups (these freeze well)
  2. Apple or pear with a handful of almonds or 1-2 Tbs nut butter
  3. Siggi’s brand greek yogurt (look for lowest sugar option). Or full fat plain yogurt with frozen blueberries
  4. Trader Joes Organic Beef Jerkey
  5. Rx Bars or the nut based KIND bars
  6. Hard boiled eggs
  7. Celery with all natural PB or almond butter and raisins (an age old favorite!)
  8. Cheese or cottage cheese and fruit
  9. Rice cake or quality bread (Silver Hills little bread, Dave’s Killer thin sliced, Ezekiel, etc) with humus and deli meat
  10. Deli roll ups with romain or a few crackers

What are some of YOUR favorite, nutrient dense, go-to snacks and meals? Leave a comment below!

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