October 21, 2016

Sprouted Lentils

I haven’t been one for legumes much, because they often give me a stomach ache, but these sprouted lentils agree with me (and others) really well!

Why I like it:

  • They are sprouted. This is basically a soaking and rinsing method which helps to break down enzymes on the outside of the legume, that make it difficult to digest and properly absorb nutrients. You can also sprout dried lentils yourself, for much less money.
  • Legumes contain specific carbohydrates that are good for feeding your beneficial gut bacteria
  • They are high in fiber (7 grams/ serving). Recommended amount to shoot for per day is 25-35g.
  • They are convenient and cook in 5 minutes
  • They won’t go bad in my pantry

How I use it:

  • Add to salads, stir frys, chilli, stews, etc
  • In a pinch I would throw this together with some spinach, meat, salsa and guacamole

Where you can buy it:

  • I subscribe to Thrive Market, but you can also find it at Whole Foods and other natural food stores

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