May 21, 2017

Salmon Burgers

These burgers are one of our go-to meals when we don’t have any protein fresh or thawed. We always keep them on hand in the freezer. The Mahi- Mahi burgers are also a tasty option and can offer some variation. This may not be the ideal “perfect” food, but it’s surely a great option compared to most other frozen or ready made meals. It all comes down to availability and efficiency, to make better choices. Do check the ingredients of whatever brand you buy. You should recognize every ingredient on the label. I look for one that is gluten free and wild caught. 

Why I Like It:

  • You can cook them from frozen
  • It’s a super easy way to get fish in, more often
  • If you don’t know how to cook fish, that’s OK! It’s already seasoned and the oven directions are easy!
  • Salmon is one of the best sources of anti- inflammatory Omega-3 oils, which are lacking in our diets
  • Made with wild caught fish

How I Use It:

  • We usually cook them in the oven vs. the grill or stove top, because we find they stay moist that way. I first spray a square casserole dish with oil and then put in the frozen burgers
  • Usually with some stir fried veggies or with a salad in the summer
  • I like to add avocado or guacamole. We cook 4 burgers for the two of us (although little Liam is getting to like them, so that will change soon!)
  • I skip the bread, but it could be put on a bun or a bun replacement, like one of these

Where You Can Buy It:

  • When we can, we get both kinds from BJ’s, but often times we get them from Trader Joe’s
  • Other grocery store chains carry them also (different brands, which is why you want to double check the label)

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